My Poorly Designed Life.

My Poorly Designed Life.

Be as kind as you can. Go out of your way to do it. The effort it takes to do that is infinitely more rewarding than being casually bitchy.


Burn baby, burn.

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so if Nicki wasn’t talking about Eiffel what tower was she talking about


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When you eat ass but he had chipotle

When you eat ass but he had chipotle

I would LOVE at the last minute for Frankie to be like “Sorry! I’m gonna use the veto on Zach, Derrick go up in his place.”

That’s the only way you can redeem yourself at this point Frankie. And why is production letting America’s Favorite player be eliminated?! Ugh.

I wish team America would’ve been Zach, Donny, and Nicole. Fuck current Team America!

Humans who think they're really things like angels and dragons trapped in human bodies. I could say more but you can draw your own conclusions.


Hahahahaha, oh tumblr.