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God damn it Jesus you can be in here this is a sterile environment

God damn it Jesus you can be in here this is a sterile environment

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QuestionWhat proof is there that its real? Answer




our country was founded on patriarchy? granting women the right to vote doesn’t eliminate over 200 years of laws and social practices that devalued women? why do we need a law (fair housing act) that tells people they cannot deny a person housing because they are a woman? why should women have to avoid going home alone and carry mace in their purse because men have been taught that they deserve sex and no doesn’t mean no? why do men feel emasculated when their wife makes more than them or they have a female boss? why does the stereotype that “women can’t drive” exist if not for misogyny? it’s not my job to educate you but just because you are ignorant of certain things does not mean that they don’t exist. explain the wage gap to me if patriarchy isn’t real. it is a fact that women are paid less to do the same jobs that men are. the simple fact that careers and professions are gendered points to the existence of a patriarchy. the need for our society to label artists as female or athletes as female denotes a difference from their male counterparts, or when people say “male nurse” or “female doctor” because nurses have historically been female and doctors have historically been male due to limitations in the employment and education of women.

if you are going to send me a message after reading this claiming that any of that doesn’t exist please just unfollow me because i’m just going to delete your message

Since when are only women afraid to walk alone at night? Men are apparently taught that they deserve sex and don’t understand no means no? Where are you getting this? I am a man and so are you and yet you seem to be under the impression that men are no better than animals.

"its not my job to educate you" Lmao

It is a fact that women are paid less than men? Hello Equal Pay Act of 1963. If women are paid less than men then why even hire men at all? I mean if a company could pay its worker less money, don’t you think they’d take advantage of it? The wage gap has been debunked so many times now that saying it is just willful ignorance. 

Please take the time to click on these links and read through them, maybe you’ll learn something. 

pay gap myth

debunking feminism

40% of women are rapists part one & two

debunking patriarchy

facts on male rape

feminism fighting against equality

discrimination of men facts

Feel free to check out the other links you’ll find on the side bar :)

one of those articles argues that the reason men are paid more for their work is because they have more work related injuries or fatalities which completely ignored the fact that there was a point in time when women simply weren’t expected to work in certain fields because they weren’t deemed fit enough which would rule out any labor intensive job.

another article states that men and women who take on similar family roles at home have very literal differences in pay when they have similar jobs. what this means is that because women are often forced to choose between taking care of their family and having a job (which men typically don’t choose between, men are expected to work and women are expected to stay home) their wages will suffer. THAT contributes to the wage gap and is an unfair result of patriarchal values

from one of the articles under the “pay gap myth” link i took this verbatim 

To say that women’s choices result in their being paid less, on average, than men is not to deny that unfair social conditions may constrain those choices. Perhaps men should do more of the work of running households and raising children, and boys should be brought up with that expectation. Perhaps child care should be made more affordable. Perhaps efforts should be made to make sure college women aren’t being steered toward majors that won’t prepare them for lucrative careers.”

it also really isn’t my job to educate you. just because i give an opinion on my blog and you disagree does not mean i have to waste my time finding statistics for you. if you disagree then congratulations, move on and stop wasting my time.

i also never said that men can’t or aren’t afraid of walking home alone. but to say that men are afraid of walking home alone because of other women is hilarious and laughable. men are afraid of walking home alone because they’re afraid of being assaulted by other men. women are afraid of walking home alone because they’re afraid of being assaulted by men, not being raped or assaulted by wandering gangs of horny women.

let’s add to this the fact that most of those articles are written by men who take general data from the government (statistics on work fatalities and injuries) and apply their own bias or meanings to the data to further their own agenda. my post was not about feminism or defending feminism or even that radical feminists are not bad, some can be bad (as in the case where feminists threatened a person who wanted a shelter for abused men). the only thing my post claimed was that there is an existence of a patriarchy as well as rape culture.

someone literally tried to say “rape culture only exists in prison” prison is a highly concentrated population of specific same sex and gendered people so if rape is prevalent in prisons what do you think would account for that? are you arguing that the prevalence of man on man rape in male prisons is not at all relevant to the way men act outside of prison? i am not denying that women can rape or that they do rape, both are true. but there is a rape culture in this country and throughout the world where rapists are forgiven and the victims are blamed. whether it’s when a star football player rapes a girl and the girl is labeled as a liar and a slut and the football player is exonerated because his community loves him and there’s an important game coming up

literally please just unfollow me because this is a saturday and i have three books in front of me on social inequalities and i don’t feel like looking through them to counter you. just unfollow me if you can’t handle my opinions.

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